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Our Philosophy

our philosophyWe’d like to think our Corporate Philosophy is something that will ring true to most people.

It’s not easy to put into words the way in which we fashion every aspect of our business. How can Eco Mist say what Eco Mist wants to say? So we thought about what was important to us. To all of us. What inspires us to be responsible and accountable? We came to this: looking back to simpler times.

A time when conserving, saving, reusing and reducing was necessary for survival, and not something that was mandated. Eco Mist admires the real environmentalists of our day…the older generation. Their genius is only now realized as we watch our mothers or grandmothers reusing margarine containers for leftover food or washing and recycling milk bags to store things in the freezer. Imagine an aunt who doesn’t even own a clothes dryer, or a neighbour who has been composting long before the Green Bin ever existed. It’s this lost mentality that Eco Mist aspires to bring back.

Eco Mist admires this generation’s ability to assume responsibility of every drop of water used, or every light turned on. They cared not because it was trendy, but because of the direct impact it had on their lives. They are the real heroes. The footprint-less heroes who don’t even know what a Carbon Footprint is. And we are proud to follow suit.

Eco Mist does not believe in the “never look back” attitude of the modern world. The best new world is one that borrows from the old. By looking back, we are inspired to move ahead.

Our Mission
Eco Mist’s mission is to redefine environmental responsibility. To us, it is simply a way of being…the only way. We are not satisfied to say we incorporate environmental consideration into our everyday business. It is our business. It is never an after-thought, but the foundation of everything we do.

We are excited to set the bar, not only by product performance, but by corporate responsibility. Eco Mist is dedicated to the ongoing effort to improve our planet’s state, and the well being of the people that inhabit it.

Our People
One word…OPEN.
Open to Change. Open to Creativity. Open to Diversity. Open to Fairness. Open Minded. Everyone hired at Eco Mist is done so not only based on skill and work ethic, but on open-mindedness and a positive disposition. We believe the workplace environment is just as important as the other environment we are all trying to save. It starts from the inside.

Our Health
Eco Mist believes everyone deserves optimum health. We also believe we have formulated the safest toxic-free cleaning product line available anywhere. We are proud to look at our bottles and see few or no caution signs or safety hazards. We feel good to hear countless stories of improved health by people who use our products.
Yet although we stand by our product, we are always open to ways of bettering our formulations. At Eco Mist, nothing is immune to improvement. There is always a better, and we look forward to finding it…again and again.